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Cheyne The Pain

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ISSUE 89 PLAYS AGAIN!!! [05 May 2005|10:37pm]
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guess what? [22 Mar 2005|08:38pm]
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madball lyrics [10 Mar 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | i hate sickness ]

enough times been wasted and now im faced with our realities and whats to come of this scene.
so many come and go, some have disgraced it.
i think its time we take a stand show them what we mean.
you cant stop this, this thinkg of ours.
hold it down.
this things is ours, hardcore is ours.
time after time, line after line.
i must express the truth cuz that is what we stand for.
some live to lie they will defy and deny our roots i pay no mind.
you no who we care for.
and im not only speaking for myself i cant.
i hope i speak for everyone else out there.
cuz a lot of people think that we dont care.
but they cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
tryin to make a change do what i can.
they cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
you cant stop what we're bringing.
tryin to make a change and hold it down cuz we can

Madball - "Hold It Down"

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two weekends [08 Mar 2005|07:12am]
[ mood | sick ]

finally i get to say my weekends. aight. last friday, i went to the bridge...haha. ok. right before i left the house, i did the shroom i bought from gina. it was all dried up and shit. looked nasty. tasted worst. ugh. anyways. i ended up walking to the bridge because somehow i didn't see the bus. at all. not once. i was supposed to meet up with vince, but his ass left. he left my 40 with jesse girl. i'm walking up sepulveda and the strangest thing happened. i started laughing uncontrollably for no fucking reason. i knew the shrooms had kicked in. haha. so i get there. maddy and christina run over to me yelling "cheyne!! cheyne!!" not good for a guy on shrooms. they grab me, pin me to the table, and drown me in alcohol. i had half of their 40, then i realize maddy's only trying to get me drunk so i can make out with her, seeing as she's mad at vince for wrong reasons. so jesse's at the top of the hill, and i'm like "wait, i need my 40" but they're like "here's a 40" and i'm like "but it's not my 40". so then i get to jesse, and i get my 40 and after a bunch of running around, i drink my 40. they bothered me and tried to get some. i was like "fuck you." nobody drinks my 40 when i'm drinking it, unless i offer. so, they're loud and we get kicked out. somebody vomits, and we leave fast. almost get arrested. they're like "oh, but the cops are here every week." great that gives me more incentive to stay. yeah, right. hang out in back of some building unknown to me. heather's there with ben, her bf. coolness. he says i'm the most sober there, when i've had shrooms and a 40 and a half. haha. ironic eh? so i get home. go to sleep, after my bro slaps me just to see if it hurts. next day...i think i had peach practice. or something...no wait. we didn't because they never came. mia came and we hung out. had some coffee with bailey's irish creme and cigarettes. i had to go. she got picked up. sucks. went to shawns. went out to this party. couldn't find it. his mom got pissed. i did too. finally got there after going home. and going out again. drank a sip. had a puff. anyways, we only got to play one song. fuck i was mad. i wanted to kill somebody. i was actually ready to jump this one guy's ass. fuck i was pissed. but i'm nice. so then we went back to shawn's. i ate the most interesting things. hmm. burritos with chow mein. what the fuck. the next morning i went home......what did i do......

ok. this weekend pretty much ruled. on friday, i went to venice battle of the bands. saw a bunch of good bands and some really shitty ones as well. saw the diffs. awesome as usual! last band i saw was this hardcore band. i jumped the band wagon and hardcore danced with some other kids. crowd surfed. got kicked out. haha. met up with the others. this band wanted to kick my ass. i could've kicked their ass, but the pussies had shanks, so i was like "nah fuck that." only pussies use knives. bare fists or no go. the fuckers were so weak, i could tell. the one that was real pissed was all short and stuff. he looked 5. aight. so i hung with the ashton, tyler, elvis and more. we went to in and out. ate a double double. mmm. i put ketchup on elvis's shirt. he put this saucy stuff that looked like vomit on my shirt. it was funny. slept at elvis's. we saw the aviator. really great! went back to my house. got dressed all nice. went to formal. was fun. people that i had hoped would come didn't, but others did. it was cool. i can't dance though, seeing as i'm white and jewish. some white people can dance, especially chicks, but my jewishness just revokes all abilities for me to dance. aight. after, brendan's dad takes me and brendan to marcos's party. i got stoned, drank some beer, smoked out of a hookah. wow soo much fun. i got tequila as well. i was soo fucked up. next morning, had some coffee. then went to brendan's. chilled there. got home. had issue 89 practice. ahh. i forgot how fun issue 89 was. left for usy. got home after. had peach practice. went to a show. contravene with resistant culture, resist and exist, and against empire. all really good. got in for free, since ben axiom sneaked us in. it was great! i fell asleep at some points. i got sick.

so for the past two days, i've been sick. sucks.

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BAUHAUS!!!! [31 Jan 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | BAUHAUS ]


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[11 Nov 2004|02:21pm]

IF you wanna be added, then post a comment on this.
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test [11 Nov 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

here we go.

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